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July Stats - 8041 Pageviews from 3656 unique visitors (a technical glitch has resulted in missing nearly two days of visitor stats, so these figures are less than the actual)
July's top directories in order of popularity were -

Our most visited index pages, in order of popularity were: INFORMATION - BUSINESSES - ACCOMMODATION - CLASSIFIEDS - ACTIVITIES - ENQUIRY - NEW LISTINGS

The Ideal Link

We are constantly given the advice that we must attract links, but the key is not just to attract links ... we need to attract good links. But what is the ideal link? The search for the ideal link need not be a quest in vain. Consider the following when attempting to attract links...

1. Related The best links should come from related websites which contain similar and related content but not the same type of material or content. For example: A link for baby clothing would benefit from a link that discusses baby care.

2. Anchor The anchor text (the "text" that is used in the link) should include keywords that relate to the topic covered on the webpage that is being linked to. Anchor text should be varied; links that all have the same anchor text will appear manipulated and contrived to the search engines. Therefore, the text links should contain a variety of related words.

3. Deep Link The links should direct visitors to a related page within the website. Do not make the mistake of directing all of the web links to a website's index page. Deep linking, and directing visitors to material that corresponds to content that is closely related to the text link is key. Deep linking appears more natural to search engines, whereas links directing all visitors to a single page or the index page seem unnatural, and could be interpreted as an effort to manipulate search engine ranking.

4. Domain And Page Authority Search engines trust some websites more than others. Links from "authority" websites have more weight than links from lesser-known websites. Google is said to use PageRank as an indicator of authority. Keep in mind that PageRank is not the only factor used to determine a website's authority. Authority websites should still relate to the website it is pointing to.

5. Mix It Up Links should come from a variety of sources. Fewer links from a larger number of websites will generally "weigh" more than a large number of links from a small number of websites.

6. Surrounding Text Some search experts claim that the text surrounding a link can influence ranking. Whether this is true or not is difficult to determine. It is more likely that links containing surrounding text are more likely to be relevant, and as a result those links tend to be worth more.

7. Link Position The location of the link on the page can also influence the value of the link. Some search experts claim that footer links carry less value than links which are integrated into the actual web page content.

8. Type of Link There does not appear to be a difference between a "text" link's value and an "image" link's value, if the image link contains ALT text. The search engines use the image ALT text in the same way they use the anchor text of a text link.

9. Number Of Outbound Links A page with fewer links is better than a page with a large number of links. This is because a webpage passes along what is referred to as "link juice". The more "link juice" passed along, the more valuable the link is. The link juice is divided up over all the links on a webpage, so popular websites with few outgoing links are more valuable than those with a large number of links.

10. Link Age Search engine critics cannot seem to agree as to whether older links or newer links carry more value. When information is vague, it is best to garner both aged links and new links to websites.

11. Vintage Domain The age of the domain is said to influence link power. More than likely the age of the domain simply contributes to the trustworthiness of the website, and links from trusted websites tend to have more value.

12. One Way Links Links that are not reciprocal carry more weight than those which are simply link-for-link exchanges.

13. Page Content A webpage that is mostly just a list of links has less value than a webpage that contains a mixture of links and content.

14. Updated Pages Webpages that are updated frequently will typically be spidered by search engines on a more frequent basis. The update will not influence the power of the link, but it will mean that the link will be picked up more quickly by the search engines.

15. Link Surges Webmasters should be encouraged to gradually build links over time, rather than all at once. The gradual increase is more natural and will have a stronger impact on organic search rankings. The quest for the ideal link can be frustrating and elusive, but the fact is: the ideal link is logical, appears natural, and grows over time.

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Some extra statistical info:
The information below shows us the top 10 entry, and exit pages for As expected the index page ranks No. 1 and also, not surprisingly includes some of our top sites and many of our indexes. The exit pages are an indication that the visitor has found what they are looking for and exited via that page. (You can visit these pages by clicking on the links below). We can also see that almost 80% of visitors are going directly to the pages with the information they require and bypassing the index page and just under 16% of visitors are leaving via the index page.

Top 10 of 73 Total Entry Pages
# Hits Visits URL
1 800 3.96% 600 21.51% /
2 639 3.17% 488 17.49% /information.htm
3 233 1.15% 111 3.98% /MorrinsvilleMotel/
4 198 0.98% 97 3.48% /floorman/
5 192 0.95% 86 3.08% /classifieds.html
6 174 0.86% 80 2.87% /EWJkitchens/
7 168 0.83% 78 2.80% /floorservices/
8 231 1.14% 74 2.65% /accommodation.htm
9 248 1.23% 71 2.54% /businesses.htm
10 192 0.95% 65 2.33% /education/

Top 10 of 72 Total Exit Pages
# Hits Visits URL
1 800 3.96% 519 15.87% /
2 639 3.17% 342 10.46% /information.htm
3 198 0.98% 143 4.37% /floorman/
4 174 0.86% 135 4.13% /EWJkitchens/
5 233 1.15% 129 3.94% /MorrinsvilleMotel/
6 168 0.83% 127 3.88% /floorservices/
7 192 0.95% 115 3.52% /education/
8 248 1.23% 113 3.45% /businesses.htm
9 192 0.95% 104 3.18% /classifieds.html
10 183 0.91% 97 2.97% /market/

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